Table Top Mountain- What a sunset!

Growing up on our farm south of town, sunsets over Table Top mountain were one of the best experiences of our daily life. I miss a glass of iced tea with my grandma Ruby!
Table Top Mountain is part of the Table Top Mountains in Pinal County, Arizona, located about 25 miles southwest of Casa Grande. It’s the highest peak in the area, reaching 4,373 feet (1,332 meters) with a distinctive flat summit that resembles a table top, hence its name.
Geology: Table Top Mountain is an extinct volcano. The volcanic rock that makes it up is most likely basalt, a common type of volcanic rock. While the exact timing of its eruptions are unknown, geologists consider it to be extinct.
Part of the Table Top Wilderness: The mountain is the centerpiece of the 34,400-acre Table Top Wilderness, a protected wilderness area managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The area offers stunning scenery of steep mesas, ridges, lava flows, canyons, and washes, showcasing the Sonoran Desert ecosystem.
Habitat: The Table Top Wilderness boasts a typical Sonoran Desert ecosystem with diverse vegetation, including the iconic saguaro cactus, palo verde, ironwood trees, bursage, and creosote bushes.
Hiking: Hikers can explore the area through the established trails, with the most popular one being the 4-mile long Table Top Trail leading to the summit. The challenging hike offers breathtaking panoramic views of the desert landscape. Note that dogs are not allowed on this trail.
Landmark: Because of its distinct flat top, Table Top Mountain is a prominent landmark easily visible from Casa Grande, Phoenix, and even Tempe on clear days.
Some people claim to have found gold at the base of the mountain, but there’s no record of historical gold mining around Table Top Mountain.
Gretchen Slaughter, Realtor